In our daily lives our attention is pulled in so many different directions and we can lose sight of what truly matters. If this has left you feeling scattered, overwhelmed, exhausted, and even feeling disconnected, let me help you reconnect to your natural place of ease and calm.

Mindfulness meditation is the practice of paying attention, on purpose, to what arises in each moment-to-moment experience with a quality of non-judging and not attempting to change the experience. With regular practice, we become aware of the nature of our minds and we see the moments in life where we actually have control.

If you are seeking coaching in building a mindfulness meditation practice, I will work with you to build a practice that fits you. We can start with developing a basics program and progress to more in-depth practices. If you have an established practice and are looking for specific focusing, such as working with difficult emotions or chronic pain, I will work with you to structure your practice.

Individual mindfulness coaching sessions are 30 minutes in duration. Longer sessions can also be arranged as needed.

Please note that mindfulness coaching sessions are not intended to be psychotherapy.  Coaching sessions are strictly guidance in practice.