Everyone has a story. Left unexamined, this story is not your story, but it is the story of someone else’s life that was imposed upon you.

Psychological distress and unprocessed trauma can often manifest in the form of mood and anxiety disorders, as well as somatic pains and dysfunctions. In your day-to-day life, you may find yourself showing up, appearing “put together” while masking underlying experiences of…

Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety and depression are normal human emotions. In our culture and society, we have learned that these emotions are not normal, that something is wrong with us when we experience them. We deny them, suppress them, distract ourselves from feeling them but doing so only contributes to us feeling overwhelmed. I will work with you to attune to these experiences, develop the capacity to be with these experiences to shift how you relate to them, and find the message they are conveying to you about your own unmet needs.

Relationship Concerns

Human beings are social creatures. We are born to connect with and attach to others. We do not thrive in isolation. We learn how to be in relationships by what we experience and see in our own families of origin. What transpired in those dynamics is no longer true in our adult relationships yet we tend to repeat attachment patterns until we become aware of them. I will work with you to learn about your early attachment history, discover what you believe about relationships, about yourself in relationships, and how you get your needs met in these relationships. Together, we will discover what is helpful and what limits you in relationships with others, and to shift how you want to show up in relationships that is more aligned with your true inner self. Not the story of the self you learned about in your family of origin.

Loss & Grief

In life there is impermanence to everything. Seasons change, our bodies age, we pass through life phases, and people come and go in our lives. If you find yourself struggling with these natural transitions in your life, I will work with you to find ease when letting go is needed yet feels gut wrenching and impossible to do.

Unresolved Trauma

Trauma is experienced in the body. Trauma can be experienced in the form of our bodies harmed or violated, experiencing a life threatening event, or continuous emotional neglect/abuse. When trauma occurs, our instinctual Fight/Flight/Freeze system is activated. When our bodies cannot do what our instinctual system wants to do, the energy is locked in our bodies where it remains active, undigested, and unprocessed. This contributes to the experience of flashblacks to a time past or “checking out” in relatively innocuous moments in our present lives. I will work with you to help locate what is left stuck and unprocessed in your body to help it move through as it needs to in order for you to re-claim the life you choose to live.